Do you remember a game played in middle school called M.A.S.H.? It stood for Mansion, Apartment, Shack, or House. Participants go through a process of counting and removing options to narrow down answers that supposedly foretold your future. Of course, scoring a Mansion was the ultimate goal, but one would be happy with a House over a shack or apartment. However, with a little imagination a Shack or Apartment can have more interesting possibilities.


Imagine your Shack is a private weekend getaway on the lake where you go boating on your time off or a converted loft apartment with space for jamming out with your band. Maybe you prefer a rustic cabin in the woods to inspire your inner muse.

What Is Your Type?
Mansion Personality Type
You prefer: Luxury, expansive floor plans, impressive entryways, high ceilings, and luminous lounges. You love views of the garden and exceptional outdoor living spaces with cooking facilities so you can entertain. You wouldn’t dream of sipping out of a plastic cup so your outdoor bar is equipped with all of best. You are an all access level kind of person.
 Your entrance is beautifully set leading to the main entrance of the mansion and ready for your presence.

 As you’d expect, your luxury home is equipped with all the amenities you dream of and ample living areas to entertain large groups of people. Ready for that Luxury Home? Let’s get started

Apartment Personality Type: Minimalistic, On-the-Go, Freedom-Loving, Jetsetter, Urban Hipster and City Dwellers.
You prefer: Unique lofts, creative urban spaces and converted buildings that allow you the freedom live, work and play. You love views of the city lights at night, and the community of people in your circle and in your building. You’re a social butterfly who loves hanging out with friends and sharing stories. You love the access to nearby walkable dining and shopping. You’re a “live for the moment type”, always on the go, versatile and like to be in the thick of action. In your loft you can relax by the pool and check out tan lines or sip a cold ones form friend’s balcony and go out to dinner and dancing afterwards. Loft living offers the space, light and location you need for your busy lifestyle. Click Here to find the loft of your dreams.

The Shack Personality Type: Vacation Types, Creative Retreaters, Free-Spirited, Loves Seclusion, and Private Space for Dreaming
You prefer: Quiet time in solace to contemplate your next novel or paint that amazing work of art. You feel best when you can spend time doing your favorite hobby in your own private, quirky space all to your own. You love reading your book in a hammock, riding your bike, and having a simplified and peaceful life. Your shack might be a little lake home surrounded by beautiful woods with a yard for games and gathering around the fire pit. Your charming little deck is just the right size for outdoor BBQ and entertaining with your BFF. Maybe your ideal getaway is a functional art studio by the lake where you can write in your journal and look at the water. Or it could be a simple, but lovely place to hang your hat or turn into a man cave.  Click Here for Your Love Shack

The House Type: Traditionalist, Family-Oriented, Pet Owner, Nester
You prefer: Mowing the grass, cleaning the pool, BBQ outside and spending time with family is your routine. Your dog needs a yard to play Frisbee in and your kids need an area to play. After a hard day at work you want to put your feet up and relax on the sofa and watch a little television. With equal parts style and practicality, your family-friendly home meets your busy families’ needs. It has two basic zones that are ideal for homework and living space. The master suite is in a separate wing from the children’s bedrooms and bathrooms. You spend most of your time in the family room and kitchen, so these spaces must comfortably accommodate all the activities that go on there. With family living and dining spaces adjacent to the kitchen, everyone can be near the action and aromas of shared meals. In a family-friendly home, the bedrooms are split so mommy and daddy have their own side for privacy. Click Here for Residential Spaces.