A little bit about me...

Colin Lardner stands out in a crowd. He’ll be the guy looking up at buildings, pointing out spaces to an entourage of people, describing his vision of a thriving metropolis. Lardner’s swagger is evident with his combination of Texas-sized personality and New York City determination. The Live-Work-Play concept in Dallas is part of his legacy and like his father and grandfather before him, rebuilding communities and creating unique solutions is in his blood.

Described as “a unique force of nature with a visionary mindset“, “a man with a philanthropist’s heart and eagle’s eyes”, Colin conveys a roll-up-your-sleeves attitude and the ability to make his dreams reality. Self-aware and reflective, Lardner’s visionary leadership exudes energy and willful determination to complete his mission. Making an entrance just about anywhere he goes, Colin is a forward-thinker and strategist. His ability to envision future communities and discover solutions for local residents and merchants help him remain focused on his mission of helping people. Intent on differentiating himself, his unique style and creative vibe is apparent in all of his endeavors. A giver at heart, Colin is others-focused. He is a mission-based philanthropist, having spent time in Africa and South America helping the less fortunate re-build hopeful lives. Locally, Colin is a nurturing mentor to an array of individuals.

Colin Lardner, Master of Science Real Estate Development, MSRED, Columbia University | New York, NY | Principal of Janus Development- Luxury Townhome Development Company 
| Emerging Brokers Board of largest Commercial Real Estate Company in the World (2000, New York City)
 | Lardner Real Estate Group (2004-2011)
 | Master’s of Real Estate from Columbia University – Masters Thesis on Dallas’ Uptown | 
Lardner Group GP, LLC
 | Lardner Group Properties, LLC 
| President@ Local Dwelling Property Management | Certified Investor Agent Specialist (CIAS) | Texas Certified Leasing Specialist | Texas Certified Property Manager